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My name is Danny Dickson and I solve problems with technology. I can handle branding, websites, digital marketing and SEO. Let's talk about your project to see if we should work together!

Background and Experience

  • May 1, 2008

    The Journey Begins

    I started building sites for friends back in 2008, and haven't slowed down since.

  • Aug 13, 2012


    My first professional gig in the industry! In 2013, I started working for GoDaddy. I built over 100 sites in 3 years of working for them. This included sites for businesses in almost every industry you can think of. I also helped them to launch a new WordPress product to their clients.

  • Jan 16, 2016

    Easy Agent Pro

    Worked for a Real Estate specific agency building sites, and learning more about digital marketing and advertising.

  • May 19, 2017


    Moved back to Albuquerque and found a local marketing agency. Helped them to create a brand new in-house Web Development team. Went from managing multiple contractors to having an in-house team creating processes, choosing tools to handle an in-house web dev team.

    Once we got the process sorted internally, the plan was to leverage contractors again. 

  • Jul 8, 2019

    Dickson Design Co. Begins

    After working for multiple agencies with different processes and styles for building and delivering websites, I decided to strike out on my own to form Dickson Design Co.

My goal in life is constant progression. Period. If I ever get to a point where I think I've made it, and there's no room for growth, then I've failed.

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